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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A little update

SPF 4, Ray-Ban aviators, a messy blonde bun & a Vickie Secret swimsuit; that’s what I’ll be rocking for the next 3 months. I absolutely love summer.. every little part about it, even the obnoxious cotton wood from my neighbor's trees that makes my eyes look swollen & a bit Asian. Since i've been home from BG i've been busy (when am i not?) with my internship and working at the donut shop! Yellowcake has already dished out many opportunities and contacts, so i know i'm in the right direction. We recently launched the Yellowcake Blog (designed by none other) and i couldn't be more proud to say i'm finally part of the team. Carbon Magazine's June-July issue has been published, & it's my first issue as editor! I'm consistently impressed with each print issue we air. Predicate Attire launched a new blog with content published from me & Tom! I'm also working hard on preparing a photo shoot & content for High Tide. I need to recruit columnists, photogs & models, someone remind me! Other than work, i've been hanging with friends and relaxing as much as possible. After a few weeks of saving my Royal Donut tips, i'm so siked to announce i finally bought
m y   l o n g b o a r d !
I've only had it for like 3 days, so i'm not busting out any gnarly tricks yet, but i am in love. I can carve down my street & start/stop without any issues which is a good sign. Surprisingly, no wipeouts yet! It is a sector 9 lennox head, about as big as i am but worth every penny..now i need to invest in some more vans. The rest of this week consists of working, writing, & Cedar Point (got my season pass, ayo). I've received some gorgeous new pieces for my Designer Spotlight column (chain link blouses, midriff jersey tanks, silver ear cuffs, ombre tote bags etc.) so check up with Carbon's blog to find some sexy summer style finds. I'm very excited that Cudi announced his new album, Indicud will be out this year, & i'm currently reading Kayne West's biography. My summer is off to a fabulous start, and i've already crossed off some things to do on my bucketlist. That's about it.. i don't really know how to end this, so..bye.