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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Comeback to Campus

One week left of summer & then it's back to campus. Start this year off fresh, browse a collection of college girl necessities and my favorite fall picks via Nasty Gal.

Syllabus week.
As relaxing/lame as it is, this is your chance to pull out all of the statement pieces. Fall trends  should be worn with caution; denim on denim only works if they're different washes and fits. A denim button up is a safe, stylish first day look. If you're a bit less ballsy, grab some floral high waist shorts and a gem-toned top. Over-sized blouses are easily dressed up or down.. & Let's be real here, 10 out of 12 weeks of any semester are spent in the comfort of yoga pants and a quarter zip hoodie. The time is now, fellow fashionistas.

First impressions are everything.
Stay styled while you settle into the dorm, but don't try too hard..especially you, freshman. A cut out blouse, wrap around romper or slit sleeve tee are a few key pieces every college girl can rock.

 Ah, the weekends.
A significant part of the college experience. 
Girlfriend, please leave the leopard print faux satin mesh cut-out WetSeal body-con dress at home.. unless you're going for a trashy, too-many-shots kind of vibe. Limited cut-outs and neons are bold choices. Tank tops and metallic toned skirts are a classic win, and graphic tees with zipper bottomed skirts are golden. 

Spring & summer were dominated by pastel colored skinnies.
Take the next step this season with patterned, fitted bottoms that pop against neutral colored tops and tanks. Pattern-blocking is do-able, especially with floral fabric.

Last but not least, finish off your back to school wardrobe with a pair of nude Jeffrey Campbell Litas and a neon or leather cross body bag, perfect for toting around campus. Start the new semester off right, styled by Nasty Gal.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Just What Iam

Cudi you've done it again.
Just What Iam is the perfect track to sike everyone out for indicud.
A fusion of Man On The Moon 1's obvious inspiration, Man on the Moon 2's 
breakout independence and WZRD's strength in originality. This track is 
produced solely by Cudi & Chip themselves, CLE represent. Cudi has always been this mysterious, unpredictable, talented musician that dishes out insanely original tracks. Rap, Alternative, Rock? He's done it all. Once again he's on to the next album with an open mind, a  big blunt, and an even bigger fan base. 
Keep it rolling, Cudder.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

San Francisco & Yellowcake Adventures

Summer 2012 has been hands down one of the best of my life.
4 weeks of traveling turned into an endless list of contacts and opportunities.
Let me tell ya all about it.
First, these are my broskis.
Val, my boss, is the owner & designer of Yellowcake Shop.
Em is a betch.. and a fashion photographer.
I am so glad i got to know them, we made so many memories & became great friends.
We loaded up the car & started our 36 hour drive to San Francisco!
We stopped a few times to spend the night & the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah

After a few days cramped in the car, we crossed the beautiful Bay bridge into San Fran.

Our first day on the west coast was spent setting up & selling our brand at the Renegade festival.

After the festival we did some sight seeing in SF.. & thanks to Val's friend, Jan, we rode around in an Audi convertible. No big deal, just living my dream.

While sight seeing, we drove to Christopher Collins' shop.
You may recognize him from Project Runway season 8, like Val!

We drove on Lombard street and saw the Golden Gate bridge, absolutely incredible.

The next day we traveled to Los Angeles for a visit with Val's friend from school.
We ate at an In & Out Burger, ate on the prominade, drove on Rodeo drive, shopped on Melrose, saw the Hollywood sign and rode the ferris wheel on the Santa Monica pier. 

I loveeeed L.A.
But just as soon as we arrived, were off to San Diego.

We spent the day at Pacific Beach relaxing and tanning.
It was my first time in the Pacific ocean.. & it is effing freezing.
After some much needed time on the beach, we got back in the Element and headed to Las Vegas!

Val treated us to a night in the Mirage hotel which was huge!
She bought us great seats to the Cirque du Soleil Beatles LOVE show which was insane. 
As if life wasn't good enough, we got to chow down at Aereole, an incredible restaurant featuring Vegas' top rated chef. There, we ate a 4 course tasting menu meal complete with baby lobster, corn puree, and coconut sorbet for dessert. The next day we relaxed at the pool then headed back to LA for the second Renegade festival.

After a few more days in LA, we were ending our Yellowcake Roadtrip
and heading home.

36 hours and a million memories later, it was over.
I saw more things in 2 weeks then i had in my whole life, 
& i have become so close with my coworkers. This was the opportunity of a lifetime.
I checked "cross country road trip" off my bucket list, and answered my own question of wondering if going into the fashion industry was the right thing for me. I couldn't be more thankful to be a part of the Yellowcake Shop brand and team, and this trip has inspired me to work that much harder my sophomore year of college. What a way to end an amazing summer.