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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cruel Summer, a Cruel Tease

It leaked, you listened, you loved it.
Or hated it. 
There is rarely an "it was okay" response to this album. Fans accepted or rejected the album quickly after the leak and release. My first issue? Where was the promotion? Maybe i was just really consumed in school; enough not to notice much promoting. but Kanye, being the attention-addict he is, i was expecting a bit more. Second, unity. After researching the release date i came across pictures of the Cruel Summer clique signing albums and meeting fans. Rarely were they all together or around each other at the same time which makes me question a little bad blood in the G.O.O.D gang? I personally hold Kanye, a legendary artist, designer & producer to a very high standard. Ye never stops working. I siked myself out of my mind to the point i got butterflies in my stomach awaiting the release of this album.. which in my eyes, fell a bit short of expectation.

Kanye West & R Kelly
This track held it's own.
I was actually surprised to hear such beautiful vocals 
after expecting  some hardcore rap to start it off. 
The quality of Ye & Kelly's rhymes were just 'eh.'

Kanye West, Jay-Z & Big Sean
Alright, i can rage to this. 
Heavy bass, a quick beat & easily expected lyrics.

Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha-T & 2 Chainz
A G.O.O.D Music staple with a kanye's signature originality. 
Not exactly sure why people are so skeptical of the "satanic" bridge. 
I think it's what the track needed to stay fresh and thought provoking. & whether or not
Ye, Jay-Z & whoever else is involved in the Illuminati is enough to keep 
people talking, a good selling point.

Kanye West, Pusha-T & Ghostface Killah
I don't know.. the track didn't do much for me & neither does Pusha-T or Ghostface Killah.

Raekwon, Pusha-T, Common, 2 Chainz, Cyhi the Prynce, Kid Cudi, D'Banj
This was a sick collab.
Cyhi is underrated, and D'Banj's beats are on point.
It gets a bit monotonous towards the end, but overall a successful track. 

Kanye West feat. DJ Khaled & DJ Pharris
I'm sorry, DJ Khaled is  not my thing. 
Like, ever. 

 Pusha T feat. The-Dream, Ma$e & Cocaine 80s
Ma$e impresses me. Not much else to say.

John Legend, Teyana Taylor, CyHi The Prynce & Malik Yusef feat. Travi$ Scott
The dark sound keeps it entertaining, this is the point where Teyana shines through. 

Kanye West & Big Sean feat. 2 Chainz, Marsha Ambrosius & Cocaine 80s
I think this track has the most lyrical depth. It breaks the ever-growing monotony of the album up a bit.

Kid Cudi
Yes.. I was waiting for this.
Can you trust me to neutrally critique a Scott Mescudi song?
Hell no. By supporting him as an artist as opposed to a specific sound, i've got love for everything he does. It isn't included in my favorite Cudi tracks or anything, but the Teleport 2 Me-esque song is a blend of old & new Cudder. It's overlooked by his recently dropped singles like "Just What I Am," but by far my favorite track on Cruel Summer. 

John Legend & Teyana Taylor
I think John Legend's smooth, soulful voice contrasts negatively with Teyana Taylor's. I don't think she brought much to this album.

Pusha T, Kanye West & Big Sean feat. Chief Keef & Jadakiss
Cruel Summer ends on a good note. Enough to make up for over-shot expectations on a few of the tracks? Nah. But a solid club banger and party inducing pregame track.  

 I thought originality and execution were on point; delivery, not so much. I'm not sure the album's fluidity was as smooth as they had expected. I was hoping Cruel Summer would feed my hunger for new Kanye, Cudi & a stellar album, but it's left me bored; Tapping my fingers, anxiously awaiting Indicud. Disappointed, i still wholeheartedly believe G.O.O.D overrules every other label in the game. 

The Michigan Fashion Week Review

I hate to say this..but accept defeat.
The first annual Michigan Fashion Week has surpassed my standards.
A proper venue, an organized set up, and helpful production made this show a success.

Last show i attended i felt a little over dressed in a vintage Faviana dress, so i decided to go with something a bit more casual. I wore a GUESS white tank, a Charlotte Russe hi-low skirt, a forever21 belt, and my go-to fashion industry shoes.. taupe suede Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots.


Southfield Pavillion held Michigan's first annual fashion week. The actual location was in a beautiful building, but finding the event was an issue, especially for someone that didn't  know the area. I was expecting a sign or something, but ended up frustratingly yelling out my window to locals, asking for directions. When i got inside, I gave the security my name and was  presented with a press pass wristband.. incredibly exciting since it's the first one of my entire career.

After a fifteen minute wait and a lot of confusion, I was seated right next to the photographers. I was annoyed that it took so long, but sitting front and center made up for it. At this point, i was impressed with the direction of staff and everything that went into making this show organized.

The host, Bianca Golden, was a cycle 9 contestant on America's Next Top Model. She was upbeat, beautifully dressed and supportive of an event in her home state. Bianca wore a black mesh sheath flare dress by Erika Hicks. She made a statement with her sheer front and perfectly placed petals. I'm obsessed with ANTM &  Project Runway, so meeting cast members of both shows this year was a dream come true. 

Andrea is the designer of Tidal Cool Creations.
The first time i saw her collection was this past spring at Cleveland Fashion Week. Her recent african-inspired runway 2013 Spring/Summer collection was full of beautiful pieces that had me missing the summer breeze already. Playful, patterned resort-like pieces including a-line frocks, girly halter dresses, elegant jumpsuits and sexy hotpant/corset combos made Andrea's collection the victim of constant compliments from the surrounding audience. My favorite look is the dress shown above; foxy & fashionable. 

Taylor's designs were especially elegant featuring white tones mixed with dark detail. She included all season wear, quality coats, flare pants, and carefully constructed pieces. My favorite ensemble was the statement making combination of a peplum ivory top and patterned jersey trousers.

Thierry Couture is focused on preppy detail and unique styles. She gave "couture" a new meaning by designing high quality pieces specifically for every day wear. Pretty ruffles, interesting textures and surprising colors came together to feed the visual stimuli.

Tyna Fanciee Logan created an inspiring collection of sass and style. Each piece was ready to wear blended with incredible elements of high fashion. The look was signature; adding a simple piece like leggings to a bandeau/vest combo became a spot light stealing ensemble.

Vintage Ties by Jaiden was a definitely a fresh collection that kept the show fun and interesting. His ties and accessories were studded, patterned, shredded and styled to perfection. Jaiden paired each design with a sick collection of menswear, fashioned to great taste.

Fun frocks were the basis of Siana's collection.
A great feature was the wide variety of texture and shape. Her dresses were very much my style; flirty, short skirts with high necklines and long sleeves. I can see her designs being worn by fashion power houses like Rachel Zoe or Rihanna.

Addiction Designs by Jamilla was definitely a respectable line.
Peplum blouses, banded skirts, constructed a-line silhouettes, and geometric patterns kept this collection focused on future trends yet still incorporated timeless elements, like cinched waists.

Overall, Michigan Fashion Week killed it. While they can't call themselves Chicago or New York, they held their own especially for their first ever showcase event. Each designer presented their collection by starting off with a personable video describing their collection, a nice touch that gave background behind their inspiring pieces. Plus size and male models strutted down the runway, a fresh vision among the rail thin models that clumped through MBFW last week. Great work to all who organized and completed Michigan's first annual Fashion Week. From the looks of Spring/Summer 2013 collections, we're about to have a fiercely fashionable year.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Next Endeavor

Sorry i've been so MIA lately.. it's been a struggle to keep 
Fashionably Meg updated while i'm reviewing all the collections of New York Fashion Week..& by reviewing collections @ NYFW i meant settling into my sophomore year at Bowling Green State University and attending classes. Although i won't be front row at Badgley Mischka, i'll  be sitting front and center at the first annual Michigan Fashion Week! I received my press pass through head designer of Tidal Cool Creations, Andrea Howell, who also showed her Summer 2012 collection at Cleveland Fashion Week. I'm very excited to attend another Fashion Week, so make sure you're checking back next week for the full review! 
Here's a little sneak peek at my ensemble
The bottom will surprise you.
A bonus of attending MFW is having the opportunity to meet and converse with Bianca Golden of America's Next Top Model, one of my favorite ANTM contestants. 
After MFW, i'll start getting ready for another fashion show in October, Yellowcake's Hullabaloo. I've got a lot coming up and couldn't be happier! Stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

Fall Hair Dare

Need a bangin new look for fall?
I'm absolutely in love with the pastel hair trend that's been hogging my Pinterest board. If you love this style as much as i do, check out the many ways you can fight the hair color norm. The only thing hotter than team blonde is team turquoise.

Lauren Conrad (pictured) dip dyed her do' earlier this summer & set this trend on fire.
I love the dip dye feature because it sets a variety of bright colors into your locks without losing your natural color.  

The fade, also featuring a natural colored base, is a bit more dramatic then dip dye, but none the less beautifully bright. If you have a light base, choosing a darker fade would look best.. Like, don't fade blonde into orange. That would just look awk.

Tinted tips, all of one color, is a pretty little mermaid-esque look. Creative and classy. It's an easy introductory step if you're looking to eventually dye your main a solid pastel color. 

For a really unique look, adding a variety of color is definitely a spotlight stealer. Mixing light tones together creates a style worth staring at. Blending is bitchin. 

High five to anyone willing to go for a solid pastel. 
I'm jealous of your bravery. The most popular all over dyes I've seen are turquoise, lavender & pink. 

tips for coloring:

If you're a blonde betch, your hair rocks. With a light base, basically any color you'd like is available to you. A lighter color blends more naturally, so stick to bright pastels. 

For you darker chicks, dying your tips platinum blonde before a pastel is the best way to get it as bright as possible. The more dramatic the color, the better.

If you're a commitment-phobe (like myself) you can still rock the trend by picking up a color bug hair chalk or clip in extensions! Both are easily removable and look just as awesome.