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Saturday, March 31, 2012

thought of the day

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

"The only thing missing at this point, is bonafide chilling time with you."

fashion journalism update

i just want to say thanks so much to everyone that's reading, sharing and viewing my blog. With it being one week old, i have 4k+ views and shares and that really means alot to me. I started this with hopes of getting my name out there and just wanted to give a little personal update on what's happening in my life fashion journalism-wise. Along with continuing to write for Carbon and College Candy, i've added a few more things to my list including:

Becoming editor of Carbon Magazine on May 1st, 2012 

Becoming a member of the Predicate Attire team

Starting an organic beauty column on Get Fit Get Life

. . .
Also, Friday i'll be meeting with Bridget of Yellowcake to discuss further what i'll be doing design-wise for the company. I can't even explain how excited i am, watching my dreams come true, and having you along for the ride. This week i'll also be sending in designs to Betsey Johnson's show room..wish me luck!

Friday, March 30, 2012

fashionable fistbump


Does Ye even need an explanation as to why he gets the fashionable fistbump of the day? Didn't think so. Kanye is the style savior. Not only does he continuously look incredible, but have you seen his spring/summer collection? Mind. Blown.

thought of the day

Try to be a positive person, because let's be real,
who likes to hang around negativity?

Lauren Bosworth: the Laguna Beach babe turned LA icon.

Lo was first seen assisting Lauren Conrad and other friends throughout the end of their senior year. I love watching a Laguna Beach episode on Netflix and laughing at Lo and Lauren’s Abercrombie & Fitch-esque sense of style. They’ve come so far from a simple high pony-tail, tanks and denim shorts to a black bubble dress and a fishtail braid.  Lo’s sense of style is absolutely incredible—a perfect mix trend, edge, and elegance. To achieve her look, check out her stand-out style moments:
So simple yet so chic. Lo looks so LA rocking a blouse, high waist skinnies and black pumps. This is one of those versatile looks that can easily be dressed up or down for any event.
Lo looks adorable in this easy to pull off ensemble. This look is created with a few basics that most of you probably already own. The nude jacket is the perfect balance to dark shorts and tights. The bottom combo looks put-together, but please do not take this as the okay to wear light wash denim shorts and tights...that is not okay.
This is such a classy, clean look that will flatter any body type. The shape of this dress is fun, young, and sexy without trying too hard with a sheer cutout or a sweetheart neckline. Pair this with some vintage post earrings and nude kitten heels.
By now, I bet you’re realizing why I picked Lo for this week’s style icon. Any casual outfit she rocks is easily turned into a classy ensemble just by substituting one piece of the look for a statement item. Blazers usually look fantastic with skinnies, but Lo opts for a tiered nude skirt for a pretty, girly, detail. She pulls the look together with a boxy black handbag.
Yeah, I’ve been that girl to reject white dresses because they’re so wedding-ish, but white is such a fresh color for spring. If you’re completely against it, check out similar detailed dresses in ivory. To keep a clean look, add bangles or an arm cuff and a beaded clutch.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

weekly wishlist

The weekly wishlilst; basically a visual list of beautiful finds that my broke, college-budgeted self will never be able to afford.. but hey, i can dream!
(1st & 2nd row: urbanoutfitters accessories)
(3rd row: NastyGal shoes)

"The young & the wild take chances together"

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I couldn't be more excited to join team Predicate.
Check out there tees, vibe & lifestyle.

the daily bitch

I swear, I'm not that negative of a person, but everyday i can easily find something that pisses me off. Today's daily bitch sesh is strictly style and goes to that girl. That unfashionable girl that wears a sequined dress and stilletos to class. You look like you went hard last night and walk of shame'd it to class. You may be the center of attention, but trust me girl, not for any good reason. I appreciate a person that looks put-together and professional for class, but I can't help but hate on the try-hards. If you're going to dress up for lecture (unheard of in college, but not impossible) go for a stylish sundress layered underneath a classy blazer.

Color blocking has to be my absolute favorite spring trend. I'm not daring enough to go for lime green accents over an orange frock, but i've rocked successful white lace & pink/black & teal combos. Check out this ensemble with affordable pieces from H&M (blazer) Romwe.com (sundress) and asos.com  (clutch & shoes.)

So to that unfashionable girl, you and your feet will thank me.

thought of the day

I am constantly busy.
If i'm not doing school work, i'm writing an article, running around, taking pictures, researching trends, and trying to find time to relax. As much as I question working this hard all the time while other people my age have time to work out, chill out, and party, i have to remember that i'm doing it all for a reason. I plan on writing for Vogue magazine. Clearly, that chance is one a trillion. If i didn't do anything, i wouldn't even be where i am now. I wouldn't even have the slightest bit of my ankle boot in the door of of the fashion industry. I love being an editor for Carbon Magazine, i love everything i do. I do this free willingly, not because i have too. I have 4 internships and love every second of it. 3 will not count for any school credit because they are strictly fashion design as opposed to fashion journalism, but i do everything for the love of it and the experience. This quote means everything to me, because it's so bluntly true. You don't get into Vogue by watching TV in your old softball shorts, get into Vogue busting your ass and looking fabulous doing so.

Carbon Magazine turned one year old yesterday!
Click the video to see our progress!
6 Issues
368 Blog Articles

1 Creative Team of Fashionable Individuals

Carbon Magazine

Monday, March 26, 2012

I love all the jerseylicious & glam fairy girls' style, but Briella's has to be my absolute favorite! (okay, so she's also on #TeamBlonde, which makes me a bit biased)
Briella has this style that's completely her own. The Jerseylicious/Glam Fairy girls all have this loud, bright style that i've come to adore. Briella's is incredibly sprightly yet put together. Nothing is more impressive than being able to go all out and still look chic. From her dress/boot combos to her amazingly bold accessories, Briella is constantly glamming.

thought of the day

"Keep your head high, your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life's a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about."

I get stressed incredibly easily.
Sometimes, i have to laugh at myself because with all the love and hate in the world, i get caught up in something ridiculous and put all of my energy into it.
It's important to constantly remember what you have, and how short life really is.
I am stunned by how fast freshman year of college is going by; it's like i hugged my parents goodbye and blinked and i'm getting ready to start packing up to go home. It makes me so thankful for the people i've met, the material i've learned, and the memories my friends and i have made this year. After hearing this quote, I try and remember it whenever something little happens and i begin to let it affect me.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

fashionable fistbump (well dressed fashionistas place fist here)

This week's fashionable fist bump goes to Amber Rose.
She's got a killer bod and knows how to show it off. She rocks an assortment of colors, necklines, shapes, and accessories, never seeming like a try-hard. Her statement hair and style are incredibly edgy, & she's always seen looking tasteful and elegantly glam. Cheers to you, Amber, on your style & engagement!

College Candy article of the week

okay, so i wrote this last week when it was beautiful weather, like 80 everyday. this week, it's going back to like 50/60, but click here & check out my tips on finding the perfect spring styled sundresses from forever21.

this is the one i picked out :)