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Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Safety & Staying the F Away from Creeps

We've all been in that panicky situation. You're at a bar, leaving work, or walking in downtown Cleveland. A creepy stalker approaches you with questions or tries to get your attention. Maybe you're surrounded by people, maybe you're alone.. either way, your heart starts to beat a little bit faster and that prickly feeling shoots down your spine. Yeah, i'm pretty paranoid & i watch way too many episodes of Criminal Minds, but better safe than sorry. Here are some tips you should know, ICOLM (in case of lunatic murderer.)

When i'm leaving my internship (located in sketch town USA, or Ohio City) i know i'm in a place where some hobos and crack heads roam about. Don't get me wrong, Ohio City/Cleveland is beautiful and there are high end locations, but i mean let's be real.. If I was a hobo i'd be sitting outside of the Coach store at Crocker Park, waiting to beg sassy, rich women. Anyways.. when i'm walking alone, passing an alley or entering a parking garage, i'm focused. I have my phone handy, usually talking to my mom, walking at a steady pace. I'm not screaming about in a mini skirt, whipping my hair back and forth. So if you know you're in a janky part of town, then act like it.

Having pepper spray on hand or in a place that's easily accessible is ideal. Though i've never actually used mine, i've been in numerous situations where i was ready to pull it, or just comforted by the fact that i have it. I run at the pace of a sloth, so i'd probably be screwed anyways, but at least it would give me a head start..

This adorable dog-face key chain is a protection aid. In the event that someone actually grabs you or something, knowing how to move around could save your life. Use this pup or spread your car keys throughout your knuckles as you walk to your car alone. If a creep tries to nab you from behind, throw your fist into his face.. or his junk. I bet both will loosen his grip.

This iPhone/Droid App is incredible. It's called "Circle of 6" and lets you add 6 of your contacts to the screen. Three bubbles, call, text, or emergency, are available for simple use. If you click call, it will ask who to call and quickly direct you. The text message button is extremely useful, as it will type a message that reads "Call me, i need a distraction" or "I don't feel safe in this area. Please pick me up, my address is: ____" and it locates you then gives turn by turn directions through a link of Yahoo Maps. This is perfect for drunk chicks walking home from bars or if you get lost. Letting your family/friends know where you're going and what time you should be back is a great way to stay alert. 

Even though you might be panicking, try to stay calm. Don't ignore the creepers, as that could provoke them to be more direct in getting your attention. Last summer, i drove home from my boyfriend's house at 3am after falling asleep during a movie. As i exited his development, a white truck immediately started following me. I didn't think much of it at first but when the truck was right on my tail for a good 5 miles, i started to freak noting the fact that we were the only two cars on the road at this hour. I drove in a circle around town four times before i knew he wasn't going to stop following me. I could barely see him when i checked my rear view mirror, but could make out the silhouette of an older man. I almost turned down my street, balling my eyes out and ready to just get home. When i took a second to calm down, i realized if i led him to my street or my house he would obviously know where i live. I sped to the police station and parked right on the lawn of their office, which scared him off. Eventually i ran inside & gave the license plate number and a description of the vehicle while they escorted me home. Staying calm for a split second can keep you from making impulsive decisions. 

Remember, you can always go straight to the police with any threatening situation you're placed in, but remembering these tips could save your life.