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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Graphic Tees for Spring & Summer

Okay, we all know Dale & Brennan have the best t-shirt collections known to man. This summer, graphics & high waist denim are a fabulous combo for any event. Check out a few featured tees, affordable & quirky, that will complete your end of spring ensembles.

This look guarantees a chic ensemble for any activities you pursue. The tee and finishing accessories are laid back while the high waist denim gives it a more modern feel. The light look is perfect for building bunk beds or doing karate in the garage.

This look is incredibly trendy for the end of spring. A crop top paired with high waist gives a asymmetric high-fashion vibe. The Aztec printed shorts will continue to be huge in summer; pair with Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots and Ray Ban wayfarers. Rock this outfit and nobody will question your authority, or nickname.

This look mocks how you would dress up a graphic tee. By layering the tee over a pastel pair of shorts with heels and feminine accessories, the ensemble is equally as fancy as a sundress.

The tank-cropped tee paired with gold studded high waist denim makes for an edgy style easily done up or down. With flats and an envelope clutch, this outfit can easily be transformed from day to night.

If making a music video on your dad's boat isn't on your summer to-do list, then you probably deserve to be hit with a pillowcase full of bars of soap. If you're looking for a cute beach or boat look, go for a white bottom, white Sperry and graphic tee.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yellowcake Internship!

Just wanted to say sorry for being so lame blog wise the past 2 weeks!
With 2 part time jobs & an internship, i've been trying hard to balance it all and have just enough time to hang with friends and family. Now that my schedule has set in, i'm back on track with blogging and all of my articles. I'm really excited to be apart of the Yellowcake company, so i want to tell you all about it!

Yellowcake is a mod, city style line created and produced by Valerie Mayen, a Cleveland based fashion designer. Valerie was a contestant on season 8 Project Runway. Her distinctive personality and smart, stylish designs set her apart from other designers. Valerie's line, Yellowcake, is titled so because the dessert is seen as the underdog. Who goes out to a fancy restaurant, orders bacon-wrapped filet mignon, some white wine, and yellow cake? Nobody. But when you think about it, Yellowcake is always fantastic and never disappoints; exactly what Valerie's line is all about. Her custom cut pea coats, playfully patterned maxi dresses and detailed ensembles sell for a nice price, keeping Cleveland as fashionable as possible.

After a nerve racking interview and meeting with the team, i was chosen to assist Bridget with the blog & PR work. I am the official Yellowcake fashion journalist, creating a new blog as well as frequent posts and updates about our line. I hope to stick with Yellowcake as long as possible, it's an incredible opportunity that i could not be more thankful for. I can honestly see this company as the perfect introduction into the industry. I'll keep updating about this fabulous internship, but take a look at Yellowcake and feel free to browse the shop next time you're in Cleveland!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fashion Week Cleveland!

{The lights, the red carpet, the champagne, the.. unorganized schedule?}
Okay, so i've been anxiously grasping my Fashion Week CLE ticket since i ran like a lunatic to the mailbox and lunged at the mailman for my envelope in March. I watched the clock tick by when i worked my shift at the donut shop yesterday, and as soon as i got off i was curling my hair and perfecting my eye brows, sicked to make contacts & meet possible employers.
I met up with Lauren & we could not wait to see the ensembles, designers, & venue of the fashion show. We got into downtown Cleveland at 7:40pm, fashionably late of course, and exactly when the schedule said doors to the Halle Building would open.
Vintage Faviana open back dress, SweetSin peep-toe pumps, Dank Artistry accessories
I couldn't believe how young we were compared to the other guests. I guess i just assumed there would be a better 20 years old to 60 years old ratio. Everyone's outfits were interesting. It looked like they were attending the prom, a cheap night club, or a Sunday church service.. i definitely did not witness alot of appropriate fashion week attire. 
After standing around in a small entrance until 8:15, they finally opened the doors. Everyone clumped inside, annoyed due to standing around waiting; it was insane trying to get your ticket accepted and given a VIP wristband. When we finally got in, the Halle Building foyer was elegantly decorated with finger food and desserts.
My plan was to reach out to fashionable clevelanders and swap information with fellow designers, journalists, & industry associates. That did not happen. I don't think anyone was affiliated with the fashion industry besides the vendors that sold boutique merchandise. I wanted to grab a water bottle and fix my hair, but the only beverage offered was alcohol & there wasn't any accessibility to the restrooms. Vendors were very rude to us, probably pissed that we didn't have rich parents with us, willing to buy their junky jewelry.
I was getting discouraged; I didn't meet anyone affiliated with Cleveland Magazine or even get the chance to introduce myself to anyone related to the fashion industry. After a lot of standing around, waiting, & becoming irritable, we were seated for the runway show.

Our gift bags included samples from vendors, gift cards, previews & random key chain/magnets/ mainstream junk drawer accessories. The runway show began & saved the night. Designers & collections included: Andrea Howell of Tidal Cool Creations, Erica Dawn Woodmore of Contained Expression, Lotty Lewis of Lotty, Becca Nation of Knotty Girl, Melayna Hovsepyan Tovmasyan of Melayna, F.C. Mapondera of Sireka Couture, Angie Williams of Annie Ruth 8, Jamie Powell, Barbara Rubright of Barbara Rubright Wearables, & Trista Grieder of Profig Designs.

I was really bummed because my phone died halfway through, but the show was playful and enjoyable. Quite a few of the models looked like baby giraffes; trying to scoot across the runway with bent knees and obvious limited heel-wearing experience. I also noticed belts undone, fallen slings on shoes, and a few other wardrobe malfunctions. Some models really worked it while others were given courtesy applause. Overall, i had a great first fashion show experience, but the other unorganized events put a damper on the evening. Next year, i'll walk in the show or arrive just before the runway event starts. I was slightly disappointed because my expectations exceeded reality, but it just confirmed the fact that i need to get to NYC as soon as possible!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Outfit of the Day

Today was a bum day, hanging around & writing numerous articles. To stay presentable, i wore a Burger & Friends "Cattitude" tee with Old Navy black shorts, a silver Forever21 bangle & my sperrys.

If you love Austin's cat tees, graphic tanks and crewnecks, check out his shop Burger & Friends.

Top Products of Spring

As i unpacked my dorm room, wondering how the hell i fit everything into such a small space, i came across countless beauty products ready to be renewed or thrown out. This spring is all about bright skin, light lips, and feeling fresh! Check out my top 10 products of the season.

Radiant cleanser is the solution to reviving tired skin. Lather it on before you jump out of the shower to give your skin a healthy glow.

Dry, broken and damaged hair needs new life after a long winter. After a cleansing shampoo and volumizing conditioner, throw on a moisture mask. Neutrogena's hair mask is perfect for hair that lacks shine and smoothness. Keep it in for five minutes and enjoy lucious hair for the week!
 After finals week, i was a stressed out mess-& it definitely showed up on my skin. I used multiple scrubs to get rid of any annoying zits, but it left my skin extremely dry. The best moisturizer i've ever used is Clinique moisture surge. It's light, long lasting, and quenches the dryest skin's thirst.

While your skin and hair shine, your smile should match! Pick up some whitening strips or Crest 3D white toothpaste. Both keep your smile white for months!

Nars Nail color is one of my favorites because of the wide variety of colors and long lasting coats. Keep a neutral tone or a pink shade to maximize your natural glow--especially if you're still pale from winter.

I've never been a big fan of concealer, bronzer, powder or primer. After giving my skin a break from tanning over winter, my skin is extremely pale and has an uneven tone. I love the mineral foundation that feels light and doesn't clog pores. A shimmering bronzer helps add color while you wait for your summer tan to appear.

 It's spring.. ditch the plums and reds for a more natural hue of corals, pinks and nudes. They will spotlight your pastel ensembles and boho accsesories.

After my last post of spring scents, Dolce & Gabbana light blue was the most-loved, flirty fragrance! It's fresh and airy, not overpowering, and the best pick for such a delicate season.

Keep your eyes flattering with earthy tones to bring out your eyes and brows. Keep the blues and purples in the bottom of your makeup bag and use them again in the fall.

I love a great mascara, but what sets Urban Decay's lash system apart from others is that after you take it off, your lashes are in the process of growing longer. The serum sets in and aids in growth while the mascara keeps them looking dark & extended. For even longer lashes, start taking Biotin, a daily vitamin that helps keep hair and nails strong.