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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Hullabaloo Fashion Show

The Hullabaloo Fashion Show & Fundraiser was a
major success.
Months of hard work, blood, sweat, tears & inspiration were poured into this event by Valerie Mayen and our Yellowcake team! While i'm usually reviewing fashion shows, this was my first time behind the scenes.. & it was quite the experience. Set up was exhausting  but with all hands on deck we turned our empty gallery into an extremely elegant venue. Everything turned out fabulously. The runway show was fierce, the entertainment was fantastic. It was an amazing experience, being able to witness Val's designs go from quick sketches in the shop to tangible, beautiful ensembles. The stress melted away throughout the night, watching guests and interns alike smile and enjoy such a fashionable event.
It was a great networking opportunity and an incredible experience to work behind the scenes of my first fashion show. I'm so thankful to be a part of Yellowcake; the experience and memories i have made with this internship has exceeded my wildest dreams. Few can say that they assist a Project Runway alum or took a cross-country road trip in the name of fashion. Not many can show you the scars on their feet from walking the Las Vegas strip in Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots.. & a handful of amazing interns can say they helped Valerie Mayen execute the Hullabaloo Fashion Show.Valerie, Bridget, & Emily have been such professional, focused, fun mentors. Congratulations to everyone that brought Yellowcake's Hullabaloo to life. 

All Images Photo credit: Tom Sawyer, Predicate Attire


  1. The show was great, Meg! So proud of you. Thanks for sharing our photos and letting us come down for the event. So cool!

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