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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yellowcake Internship!

Just wanted to say sorry for being so lame blog wise the past 2 weeks!
With 2 part time jobs & an internship, i've been trying hard to balance it all and have just enough time to hang with friends and family. Now that my schedule has set in, i'm back on track with blogging and all of my articles. I'm really excited to be apart of the Yellowcake company, so i want to tell you all about it!

Yellowcake is a mod, city style line created and produced by Valerie Mayen, a Cleveland based fashion designer. Valerie was a contestant on season 8 Project Runway. Her distinctive personality and smart, stylish designs set her apart from other designers. Valerie's line, Yellowcake, is titled so because the dessert is seen as the underdog. Who goes out to a fancy restaurant, orders bacon-wrapped filet mignon, some white wine, and yellow cake? Nobody. But when you think about it, Yellowcake is always fantastic and never disappoints; exactly what Valerie's line is all about. Her custom cut pea coats, playfully patterned maxi dresses and detailed ensembles sell for a nice price, keeping Cleveland as fashionable as possible.

After a nerve racking interview and meeting with the team, i was chosen to assist Bridget with the blog & PR work. I am the official Yellowcake fashion journalist, creating a new blog as well as frequent posts and updates about our line. I hope to stick with Yellowcake as long as possible, it's an incredible opportunity that i could not be more thankful for. I can honestly see this company as the perfect introduction into the industry. I'll keep updating about this fabulous internship, but take a look at Yellowcake and feel free to browse the shop next time you're in Cleveland!

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