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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Top Products of Spring

As i unpacked my dorm room, wondering how the hell i fit everything into such a small space, i came across countless beauty products ready to be renewed or thrown out. This spring is all about bright skin, light lips, and feeling fresh! Check out my top 10 products of the season.

Radiant cleanser is the solution to reviving tired skin. Lather it on before you jump out of the shower to give your skin a healthy glow.

Dry, broken and damaged hair needs new life after a long winter. After a cleansing shampoo and volumizing conditioner, throw on a moisture mask. Neutrogena's hair mask is perfect for hair that lacks shine and smoothness. Keep it in for five minutes and enjoy lucious hair for the week!
 After finals week, i was a stressed out mess-& it definitely showed up on my skin. I used multiple scrubs to get rid of any annoying zits, but it left my skin extremely dry. The best moisturizer i've ever used is Clinique moisture surge. It's light, long lasting, and quenches the dryest skin's thirst.

While your skin and hair shine, your smile should match! Pick up some whitening strips or Crest 3D white toothpaste. Both keep your smile white for months!

Nars Nail color is one of my favorites because of the wide variety of colors and long lasting coats. Keep a neutral tone or a pink shade to maximize your natural glow--especially if you're still pale from winter.

I've never been a big fan of concealer, bronzer, powder or primer. After giving my skin a break from tanning over winter, my skin is extremely pale and has an uneven tone. I love the mineral foundation that feels light and doesn't clog pores. A shimmering bronzer helps add color while you wait for your summer tan to appear.

 It's spring.. ditch the plums and reds for a more natural hue of corals, pinks and nudes. They will spotlight your pastel ensembles and boho accsesories.

After my last post of spring scents, Dolce & Gabbana light blue was the most-loved, flirty fragrance! It's fresh and airy, not overpowering, and the best pick for such a delicate season.

Keep your eyes flattering with earthy tones to bring out your eyes and brows. Keep the blues and purples in the bottom of your makeup bag and use them again in the fall.

I love a great mascara, but what sets Urban Decay's lash system apart from others is that after you take it off, your lashes are in the process of growing longer. The serum sets in and aids in growth while the mascara keeps them looking dark & extended. For even longer lashes, start taking Biotin, a daily vitamin that helps keep hair and nails strong.

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