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Monday, September 3, 2012

Fall Hair Dare

Need a bangin new look for fall?
I'm absolutely in love with the pastel hair trend that's been hogging my Pinterest board. If you love this style as much as i do, check out the many ways you can fight the hair color norm. The only thing hotter than team blonde is team turquoise.

Lauren Conrad (pictured) dip dyed her do' earlier this summer & set this trend on fire.
I love the dip dye feature because it sets a variety of bright colors into your locks without losing your natural color.  

The fade, also featuring a natural colored base, is a bit more dramatic then dip dye, but none the less beautifully bright. If you have a light base, choosing a darker fade would look best.. Like, don't fade blonde into orange. That would just look awk.

Tinted tips, all of one color, is a pretty little mermaid-esque look. Creative and classy. It's an easy introductory step if you're looking to eventually dye your main a solid pastel color. 

For a really unique look, adding a variety of color is definitely a spotlight stealer. Mixing light tones together creates a style worth staring at. Blending is bitchin. 

High five to anyone willing to go for a solid pastel. 
I'm jealous of your bravery. The most popular all over dyes I've seen are turquoise, lavender & pink. 

tips for coloring:

If you're a blonde betch, your hair rocks. With a light base, basically any color you'd like is available to you. A lighter color blends more naturally, so stick to bright pastels. 

For you darker chicks, dying your tips platinum blonde before a pastel is the best way to get it as bright as possible. The more dramatic the color, the better.

If you're a commitment-phobe (like myself) you can still rock the trend by picking up a color bug hair chalk or clip in extensions! Both are easily removable and look just as awesome.

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