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Sunday, April 22, 2012

American Apparel Love

This is the love story between me & American Apparel.
I'll be innocently browsing the site, no intentions of commitment or anything serious. Sure, a lot of things catch my eye but i'm not trying to get into anything. Suddenly, a certain item winks at me. I click on that neon yellow tank dress and it starts flirting with me, telling me about how good i'd look in it, how many places i can where it to and all that nonsense. I try to ward off it's appeal by taking a breather to check twitter, but that tank dress already has me head over heels. I try to remember that i'm in no position to buy any more clothes as my dorm room is packed to the brim with blazers and high waist skinnies. Without fail, i'm under the spell of style and the tank dress is on it's way to me within 5-10 business days.
Cupid American Apparel strikes again.

Sure, i'm a self-admitting shop-a-holic, but it's not like i'm a hopeless fashion romantic. I can easily ignore the pair of Aldo leopard suede wedges; theres just something about AA that gets me. Think i'm being dramatic? See for yourself: 

Alright, so it's a modern, simple blouse. Nothing too fancy.. pretty easy to say "no" to, right?
But then again the simplicity of the silhouette would make it easy to wear some lace Lita platform boots without looking cheap, and then pairing it with a pair of American flag high waist shorts would be beyond sickening. Face it, the overall look and easy-pairing ability of this blouse has you written all over it.

Don't lie.. you just glanced at this dress and from this point on you now believe in love at first sight. I'm not judging; The variety of colors, form-fitting style and the idea of rocking it on that cruise is enough to prompt you to press the purchase button.

Alright, this isn't even fair. If you know me and you know my style, chiffon blouses are one of my wardrobe staples for any occasion. Oh, American Apparel is gonna make it available in a million different colors and add an adorably girly center tie? Take my credit card information, just take it.

Yes, i did just tempt you with a pink bandeau wrap mini-dress. This little number speaks for itself, but If you've got the thighs and gluts, enjoy the envious stares you'll be feeding off of all night.
I know you're probably like "wtf, a bodysuit?" This piece is featured in their "dance-wear" department but is incredible for layering. You know how annoying it is to take a preppy high waist skirt and a non-conforming tank top and try to make it work? Problem solved. The body suits look amazing under jeans, shorts and skirts. Skepticism destroyed.
I'm betting you price-checked a few of these pieces, or maybe even purchased an item. Did you make it without pulling out the debit? Congrats, but don't deny the lingering attraction that's just been cast on you by one beautiful brand. Browse American Apparel for more simple style staples. 

{Shoes & Accessories via NastyGal}

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