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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meg's Makeup Fix

Have you ever just been getting ready to go out, doing your makeup, when all of the sudden you lose your grip on your favorite disk of bronzer?

Broken Powder/Bronzer

 One moment you're carelessly sweeping your favorite shade over the bridge of your nose then suddenly, out of nowhere, you're all
and you're bronzer is all
and then you're like

Well, this has happened to me countless times. I buy $20 face makeup, something that rarely occurs, then the next minute its on the floor in pieces. Sure, you can try to make use of it by clumping it together and patting it onto your cheeks, but more than likely your face looks like an ombre pallet of sauce. No worries, a simple trick will fix it!
Sweep the broken pieces into the compact and cover with a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Wrap your finger in some saran wrap and smooth the makeup into desired shape. Let dry, and before closing your compact add a cotton ball so next time you drop it, it stays solid!

Old Nail Polish

You finally have time to relax and decide it's time to change your polish. You reach for your favorite shade of lilac and give it a shake, start painting and suddenly realize the thin streaks are not going to cut it.
You get all

   because your nails look like
It sucks.
The polish is Snooki's after club makeup look: dry, runny & clumpy.
The fix to this is easy, but be cautious! To thin the polish out, add about 4-5 drops of nail polish to the bottle then shake. The extra moisture will give it a few extra lives, making your nails look like
It's a quick fix, but you'll need to purchase a new bottle eventually.

Dried Out Mascara

So you spent alot on that tube of mascara, but you left it out when you were getting ready to party with the girls.
At the time, you're all

but then you get home and realize your favorite mascara is ruined and you're like
Don't cry just yet.
To give your tube of mascara life, simply add a few drops of contact solution.
Shake vigorously and enjoy your reincarnated lash lube; you'll be all

Dull Cream Shadow

Cream shadow is usually a colorful show stopper, but after awhile it begins to dull. At first, you're really annoyed because the stuff isn't cheap;
you're like
 then, you try to mix it up and it just keeps clumping.
you're all
no need to contact the makeup company in a fit of rage,
you can save your cream shadows with the simplest of steps; appy a drop of face moisturizer onto the eyelid before applying the dry shadow. This will give it's effect back and leave your lids filled with luster. You'll be all

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