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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Most Popular Spring Styles

Finally; some consistent spring weather.
Ohio's weather has been screwing with style, forcing chicks to rock their UGGs to class one day, and the next some flip flops. Thus far we've seen incredible trends, but below are my favorites.

I love pastel denim; the bright colors spotlight your bottom as opposed to the over-done statement top or accessories. Gap's collection is huge and affordable; my favorite hues include teal, yellow, and lilac.

Corsets have never been my thing, and i usually find them incredibly tacky. Spring showed me a different side to the top, pairing white lace with high waist denim and skirs. The white lace looks fabulous with a tan, and against your abs.

Cut-outs are super sexy and such a refreshing trend, giving your cleavage a break. Sport the cut-out dress formally and casually. Urban Outfitter's has a large variety, pretty affordable too.

Arm cuffs are fierce, edgy, and sexy. That is that.

The white blouse was always one of those lame tops i would throw on before a show-choir concert in 8th grade; never something i would consider stylish..until now. These have been transformed from formal soloist to casual prep. Loveee

 I love this style of shoe. They're so fashionable hippy goes to Coachella.

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