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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Clutch-Club Essentials

The clubs; what a wonderful place to go hard with your girlfriends.
Often times i find myself packing my clutch, annoyed & having to remove and replace items because of the size. I'm not about to carry around a tote, but i'm an over-packer/planner; i need alot of tools. For the complete party girl survival kit (camouflaged by an adorable clutch via aldo) see below:

Walk Home Shoes

The savior to all sore, bruised & broken heels. Peel your feet out of those stilettos and unroll these babies on your way to taco bell. They are as thin as an iPhone, and come in their own little case so no worries about the grimy bar bathroom bottoms pressing up against your lip gloss.

Pocket-Size Sanitizer
Okay, other than it's obvious uses (warding off sickness, and removing the X's from your hands) it really comes in handy. So, let's be real here.. We dance our hearts out, and that induces sweat. Clunky deodorants take up way too much room, even if they're travel size. If you're feelin a bit ranky under your arms, pat some of this onto your skin. The sanitizer removes the bacteria, taking away the smell and leaving a fresh scent.


My favorite makeup tool is my mascara. Nothing looks prettier than long, defined lashes. By the end of the night, mine begins to run and clump, regardless of it being waterproof. Stash a mini-stick into your clutch and sweep across during your 5th trip to the bathroom. Check out Clinique, one of my favorite makeup brands.

Roll On Perfume

Roll on perfumes or samples are perfect for targeting small areas with fresh scents. Roll onto wrists and sides of your neck. The size is just right, and stays on longer than a small bottle of body mist. My favorite scent is Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue.

Band Aids

You love those leopard print wedges, but your ankles don't. Stick a few behind your heel for a night full of fun and no friction. I'd prefer Spongebob faces.  

Alright, i know we're not old ladies, but i can't tell you how many times i've wished i had just one travel pack of aspirin. Always awesome for the morning-after.

Pop-Up Brush

This is the sweaty, poof gone birds nest, drunk hair's best friend.
Perfect size, compact, and come with a mirror. What more could you ask for.

As Sammi Sweetheart once quoted, "I don't want your pukey-breath on me." Exactly.

Whether you're on your monthly gift, or a poor, stumbling stranger is, it's always nice to have a backup. U by Kotex's brand is small and compact for your clutch.

Bobbie Pins
Bobbie pins are not only great for pinning your strays back, but i've made use of these babies for dress malfunctions as well. A belt is too big? Bobbie it. A bra strap broke? Bobbie it. Need your shirt to stay in place, tucked under that adorable high waist skirt? Bobbie it.

Chap Stick
I love Burt's! Natural and minty, it keeps your lips prepped for that hopeful hookup. It's also great for removing smudged eye-makeup.

 It looks like a lot, but they can all fit snugly in your favorite clutch. Keeps these handy and rage on.

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