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Saturday, April 7, 2012

summer bucket list

As much as i absolutely love college, i am so ready for summer.
This year has been fantastic and full of opportunites, but also extremely busy; i'd love to slow down and enjoy a couple months of care-free fun, family, friends & sun!
These are the items to cross off my summer bucketlist!
. . .

Okay, so it's been treding for a few months now, but it looks sick.
As mentioned, i'm hoping my hair grows longer before i do this, but i'll probably end up dip-dying the extensions anyway. This little tool, the Kevin Murphy Color Bug, is this awesome "hair shadow" applicator that you roll onto your ends for temporary color. Saves you the commitment of bleaching and seems like such a fun, summer look!

I will do this.
I think white water rafting would be such a fun adventure, especially with a group of friends. As girly as i am, i have no problem ditching the open toe pumps for some ratty hiking boots every once in awhile. Nature is my broski.

I would consider myself horrible at baking/cooking.
However, the one thing i'm really good at is french toast.
I'd love to get better and create millions of recipes straight from Pinterest.

Okay so i probably shouldn't start baking pinterest desserts and expect a killer bod, but this summer i'll finally have time to work out again and plan on proudly rocking a cute little VS swim suit; This one to be exact!

I am obsessed with long boards. I've been practicing on an old skateboard and searching for a bamboo deck longboard with a leopard/kid cudi graphic! This will happen, give or take a few broken bones.

If this wasn't obvious enough, i'm hoping the next Cleveland concert will be the chance i get to meet the one & only!

I cannot wait to start designing with the help of my boss, Valerie Mayen of YellowCake & as seen on Project Runway. She is incredibly inspirational, and with her help my designs will leave my sketch book & come to life.

I've come to respect fashion photography so much.
I'd love to buy a camera and experiment with it.

Every year my fam vacations to the OBX in North Carolina for two weeks! We love staying at our beach house and living life close to the sea. There is so many fun things to do there, and this year we're going on a charter boat for fishing and shark/whale watching.. hoping not to see them when we're surfing, though.

I love my Cleveland Indians!
I plan on attending 14395 games, but at one of 'em i gotta grab the digits my future fiance, Lou Marson.

We love Beaufort (another town in NC) and every year we attend the haunted tour. This is a pic of Blackbeard the pirate's house (yep, the real one!) I absolutely love haunted stuff like this. I'm weird.  
. . .
That's just a few of a million summery things;
I couldn't help but think of this stuff while i'm hope on Easter break..
Kind of depressing that i still have to wear my northface when i step outside though;
73 till summer!

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