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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

hairs the deal

Today, i will reveal a secret.
I'm a cheater; i wear extensions.
Okay, so it's not a secret to anyone that knows me, but i often get complimented on my hair which leads me to believe i hide them pretty well.
I absolutely hate wearing extensions for multiple reasons.
1) They're real human hair.
I purchase the real hair as opposed to synthetic hair because you can do a lot more with it like using heat styling products and washing/dying it...but it's kind of creepy.
2) They HURT like a betch.
I don't care who you are or how you insert your extensions, at the end of the day they can fall out of position and yank on your hair.. which sucks.
3) Having to wear them everyday/limited hair styles
Some girls that wear extensions use them on and off. One day they'll have this crazy enviable long lucious mane of hair, and the next they rock a shoulder length straight do. I try to at least stay consistent and act like i have long hair. When i don't have time to put them in i just throw my hair up in a weird, crazy bun-thing.

..By now you're probably like "well if you hate 'em so much why do you wear them?"
I wear them because i absolutely love long hair. Hair is a women's best accessory. I would love nothing more than to wakeup one day with hair down to my belly button. The problem is, my hair just will not grow. I had super long hair my entire life until sophomore year of highschool when i chopped it off to this awkward medium length that i haven't been able to shake since.
This is me with my natural length, just above my boobs.
I hate how "medium" it is, and have contemplated chopping it to a cute short length, but wouldn't that just impede my progress?
This is me with extensions, the one you would probably recognize.
I spend way to much time coloring, chopping, styling and caring for these things.
I decided i'm over it, and i've devised a plan for maximum hair growth results. See the plan of action below:

I started taking multiple vitamins to aid hair growth,
and i'm about 2 months in with about 2" of growth.
This is pretty good; like i mentioned, my hair does not grow.
The vitamins listed are:
Women's One a Day
As a college student, i'm definitely not getting the daily nutrients i'm supposed to be getting because it's a healthy day if i opt for a pb&j over a piece of pizza. A lack in nutrients is a major hair-growth issue, so i make up for it with these babies. Caution: taste like chalk, the size of a bathtub.
Prenatal Vitamins
Yeah, it's an awkward moment when i'm at a pharmacy and pick up my BC & a bottle of prenatal vitamins..but i swear, they really work. I can see more progress in the length of my nails, but that's a good indicator it's helping your hair.
Biotin has really helped with my eyelashes..like a significant amount, so if you don't want to get that weird latisse stuff, this is perfect.
Vitamin B
Vitamin B is really important in hair growth. It also helps your metabolism and energy.

Protecting the hair that is already on your head is a pretty good idea.
Leave in Conditioner
This is great for dry hair, and Aussie's smells incredible.
Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner
I think i like it more for the smell as opposed to it really doing anything, but it definitely helps with strength and shine.
Nexxus Pro-Mend
I have ridiculous split ends because my hair is straight and thin and i dye it a lighter blonde than my natural color. The reviews raved about this product, and it's helped alot. Trust it.
Heat Protection
I used to use CHI but then went to college and became broke so now i use some cheap brand, but it's important to use because i am always straightening/crimping/curling my hair.

Extra measures.
My stubborn hair would rather just chill at the length it's at than grow, so i'm literally doing everything in my power.
The pills are not birth control, but a hair growth product that has been proven successful, but more so for thickness than length. This little box is a good $50, but being a blogger works to my advantage and has allowed me to get some for free (still waiting on it's arrival)
Scalp Massager
It's a long shot, but stimulating your scalp increases blood-flow, which gets your hair ready to work.
Yeah yeah, i know the only sure thing for growing hair is time and all that scientific bs..
This plan is to test what helps alot, what helps a little, and what is a complete waste of money. By making this plan a daily/weekly ritual, i should see some significant progress. The week before i return to college, August 12th, I will measure my hair and post the results, with monthly updates of course. As soon as i have long hair, i'm dip dying the ends of it pink & teal, going to a party and basking in my happiness.

If you want more tips about hair masks and treatments, check this out.
Comment & let me know if you have any other ideas, tricks, or tips!


  1. those steps are really helpful, thanks for sharing them with us! and wow, if you didn't tell us, i would never have thought that you're wearing extensions! your hair looks great! i've been contemplating getting extensions, and i think i just might go for it. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  2. thanks so much, mimi!! let me know if you have any trouble picking a brand of extensions/finding good prices, i've had a few different sets!