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Friday, April 13, 2012

last night was...

The concert was incredible.
My bestfriends accompanied me to my hometown, CLE!
We were seated in general admission which was lame, who wants to sit at a concert?
I've had front row standing tickets at every cudi concert i've been to, and it's much more fun to interact with him and the audience. Overall, it was fantastic. Cudi always rocks it, so it was no surprise how hard he raged. Halfway through the concert, i checked my phone and had a heart attack when i realized i had a DM from DotDaGenius, the other artist of WZRD.
It said:
(excuse the cheesy megkraft tag, but someone already tried to pass this pic off as their own)
& i freaked. Unfortunately, i didn't get the message until they were rehearsing to go on, but i have hopes of getting a backstage pass next ragefest. Cudi played some Man on the Moon 1, 2, & WZRD. It was a wonderful night. Next concert, i'll be there with another sign proclaming my love for cudder, WZRD album and a sharpie in hopes of meeting my idol!

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