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Monday, April 30, 2012

Collection Review: Shop Jeen

Spring is all about the pastel skinnies, the lace bustier crop top & those suede wedge heels; accessories wise, ditch the faux diamond ring and simple, silver bangles. Get iced out in glamorously grungy brand, Shop Jeen.

Collar tips are so in right now.
Pair these beauties with a sheer button up, or that new sleeveless white blouse via H&M's concsious collection. They're definitely a refreshing twist on accessorizing your top.

Skulls, spines, scales & molars? Shop Jeen's collection of necklaces is absolutely sick. The neck wear ranges from girly neon chains to  geometric icosahedrons to glazed ram skulls and snake spines. If you're looking for the absolute spotlight stealing accessory, throw on one of Shop Jeen's neck cuffs or strand of deer antlers.

Bangles and cuffs have been in style for spring, but take that solid silver and jazz it up with a hunk of coral, or give it a geometric twist. Shop Jeen's bracelets are ridiculously chic. You can balance out any girly bandeau dress with an arrow wrap.

Ah, my absolute favorite type of ice; a statement ring.
Shop Jeen's collection of rings disgust me in the fact that i can't have all of them. Once again, the wide variety of bones, claws, thorns, to pearls, brass and rhinstones makes this shop perfect for any occassion.

At this point, these accessories are speaking for themselves. I have to say, i've done a lot of collection reviews but i'm ridiculously impressed with Shop Jeen. The only negative? I have to wait for my new credit card to ship.
(Images via ShopJeen.com)


  1. This shop looks amazing - I want everything xx


  2. Agreed Suzanne :) it's such unique stuff!

  3. They do have some great stuff! Love the collar tips very cute and the necklaces are very quirky! Love it X

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