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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meg's Take On: "Awkward"

So i got a DM on twitter to discuss "awkward."
Some people fight awkwardness really well, i am not one of those people.
I'm pretty sure my entire life is awk.
From stumbling over my words in conversations to stumbling over air on my walk to class, i find a lot of things to be a little uncomfortable; I think 4 seconds of eye contact is awk. I think having to decide whether or not to say hi to someone you kind of know but not really is awk. I think being in an elevator is awk. I think talking on the phone is awk, and especially ending the conversation. When i can' think of anything else to say in front of my friends' parents, i awkwardly pet their dog. When i get yelled at or talked to seriously i start to laugh because i feel awkward. Basically, that MTV Show "Awkward" should have been a true life episode on Meg Kraft. That's okay though because it gives me a lot of good stories to tell my friends.

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