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Friday, March 23, 2012

Starting off the style icon column with the most obvious.
Cudi was named one of the best dressed New Yorker's, and always looks incredible whether he's rocking a vintage Beatles's tee or a fitted suit. Layering is the WZRD's specialty, as he compliments his laid back style with constant color blocking and fresh accessories. I personally believe the best dressed people are those that dress for occasion, rather than reputation, and the talented Mescudi does just that. I cringe when i see girls trot around campus in heels and a sundress, and when guys wear sweat pants and a white tee to the bars.. it's like, come on. Be practical. For those of you college budgeted style gurus, I've gathered a few of Cudi's most iconic looks and recreated them with affordable styles, for guys & girls.


My absolute all time favorite look on any man, the fitted blazer. Scott flawlessly rocks this incredible ensemble with a simple gray v underneath, adding a bit of icing with a braided diamond bracelet.
Jersey Tee $18.00 - American Apparel
Shrunken Blazer $59.00 - Urban Outfitters
Disk Bracelet $14.00 - Urban Outfitters

A little 90's kid throwback, the denim jacket is back in action.
This edgy trend walks a fine line between chill and cheesy, so make sure that if you choose denim bottoms they aren't the same dye/wash. An ombre effect would be sick. Throw on a pair of lace up vans and you're laid back but put together; fitted.
Ghost Denim Levi Jacket $84.00 - Urban Outfitters
Unbranded Skinny Jeans $50.00 - Urban Outfitters
106 Lo Pro Vans - Vans.com

Okay, this is a very difficult look to pull off.
Though Mr. Mescudi does it undoubtedly, i am not the biggest fan of driver hats or white jeans. Regardless, this was definitely one of Cudi's best dressed moments.
Canvas Driver Hat $29.00 - Urban Outfitters
Levi 511 Skinnies $59.00 - Urban Outfitters
Charley's Cardigan $39.00 - Urban Outfitters

Wishing this beautiful rose blazer would teleport 2 me.
Cudi's color blocking is odd enough that it actually works. Red and beige are close on the color spectrum, but play off each other's hues. Take Cudi's blue vibe and transform yours into a turquoise layered necklace, the key piece to any color blockage.
Sparkle & Fade Blazer $59.00 - Urban Outfitters
Luca Couture Chiffon Top $34.00 - Urban Outfitters
Turq Layers $15.00 - Forever21

Oh yes, one of Cudi's best dressed moments. Fedora and BA belt buckle accessorize a city glam look. To achieve a swag status close to Cudder's, pair a little black dress with a statement belt and clutch.
Wings Belt $14.50 - Forever21
Mesh Zip Dress $22.50 - Forever21
B&W Clutch Box $9.50 - Charlotte Russe

Nothing says hipster like the all American bomber jacket accompanied by sick accessories. This look is perfect for staying fresh day & night.
Leather Bomber $69.00 - Urban Outfitters
Spiritual Chain $23.00 - Urban Outfitters
Slouchy Beanie $24.00 - UrbanOG
& of course
Cudi's most iconic accessory? The wayfarer lenses. Such a trendy, minimalistic look for such an amazing artist.
Over sized Wayfarer Reader $14.00 - Urban Outfitters

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