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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Daily Design: WZRD Cover Art

Okay, i'm definitely no artist.
However, i am completely inspired by the runway, the outdoors, music, and everything else that occurs in this life. I major in fashion journalism because my dream job is becoming editor of Vogue; but designing has always been something i've dreamed of doing. This summer, i'll be assisting Valerie Mayen of Yellow Cake and getting my designs out there! I am not by any means good at drawing, but i try & hope to get better at it by doing this daily :]
I think my style is very Forever21 meets Tadashi Shoji with a dash of Betsey Johnson and a lot of H&M. When i design, it's a mix of girly, couture, and practical. I love designing mini dresses and going out clothes. I obviously dig WZRD, and the cover art is really minimalistic. I created a faux-halter ballerina dress consisting of a cloud printed top & a lace collar. The bottom fadeds into a neon yellow/pink tulle skirt. Though this is an incredibly rough sketch, i like the idea. I got the opportunity to send mock designs to Betsey Johnson by the end of april, and i'm digging the shape of this one; hope you do too!

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