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Friday, March 23, 2012

guess who's coming to dinner..

We've all been asked "If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?" My favorite fashion icons would surely be sitting at my table, awaiting my fabulous cooking. (okay, so I can make french toast and cereal, but i'd probably try a Pinterest recipe, or call up Cheesecake Factory.) My absolute inspirations for fashion journalism sit before your computer screen, in no specific order.

Lauren Conrad: Oh, LC. I watched her go from a typical carefree, high school senior on Laguna Beach to this incredibly fabulous fashion designer, teen vogue intern, fashion journalist all star. I keep up with her blog daily, and whenever i get discouraged i keep in mind how far Lauren went (keeping in mind that she grew up in a wealthy Cali neighborhood, not cornfield avenue, Ohio)

Rachel Zoe: RZ is bananas. My favorite thing about Rachel Zoe is her passion for everything. The way she dresses to grab a cup of coffee, the way she speaks about her newest collection, and her hilarious vocabulary never fail to keep me entertained and encouraged.

Betsey Johnson: I die. Betsey is my spirit animal. She's this super spunky, beyond words-talented, chic, glamorously kooky, wonderful designer that truly inspired me to start sketching and designing. The number one thing i take from Betsey is her lifestyle. She has this incredible confidence that guides her successful collections. Working with or for Betsey is my ultimate goal.

Tadashi Shoji: I love him for many reasons. His quiet and composed exterior is warm and endearing. I love his work, because i've never questioned his style. Not saying that's a bad thing; fashion is art and should always be explored. Tadashi, however, constantly cranks out these collections that are nothing but wearable and gorgeous.

Anna Wintour: I've never met her, and yet she intimidates me to the fullest extent. Anna is the editor of Vogue (aka my dream job.) She rules the fashion journalism world with grace and poise, always rocking an insane ensemble and a brassy bob. She will forever be my hopeful boss to be.

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