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Monday, March 19, 2012

Meg's Take on: WZRD

If you ever want my take on something, message me a topic. I'd be happy to answer anything, & of course the first is about Cudi. My take on WZRD, Cudi's rap to rock crossover album, is going to be incredibly biased..but why wouldn't it be? If you loyally stand by an artist, why wouldn't you support a big step in their career? WZRD is incredible. This shows the world what a voice he has, as opposed to rapping like everyone else. Teleport 2 me, Jamie is by far my favorite. Cudi's vocal range is fantastic, and can only be heard in this album (though All Alone of MOTMII was similar.)  Of course, everyone's favorite is Man on the Moon I, but you're not getting a 3rd MOTM until 2014, so stop crying and start raging to WZRD. 

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