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Saturday, March 31, 2012

fashion journalism update

i just want to say thanks so much to everyone that's reading, sharing and viewing my blog. With it being one week old, i have 4k+ views and shares and that really means alot to me. I started this with hopes of getting my name out there and just wanted to give a little personal update on what's happening in my life fashion journalism-wise. Along with continuing to write for Carbon and College Candy, i've added a few more things to my list including:

Becoming editor of Carbon Magazine on May 1st, 2012 

Becoming a member of the Predicate Attire team

Starting an organic beauty column on Get Fit Get Life

. . .
Also, Friday i'll be meeting with Bridget of Yellowcake to discuss further what i'll be doing design-wise for the company. I can't even explain how excited i am, watching my dreams come true, and having you along for the ride. This week i'll also be sending in designs to Betsey Johnson's show room..wish me luck!

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